My Practice Areas: Defamation Litigation

A company’s business reputation and customer relations are often more valuable than its assets, and defamatory comments made by a competitor or a disgruntled customer can significantly harm a company. I always prefer to take a flexible approach to defamation cases, constantly re-evaluating the client’s risks and benefits during the course of litigation, re-assessing settlement and litigation strategies on an ongoing basis as additional facts are discovered. I also understand that, particularly in the online context, removal of the libelous comments from the public eye can be as important as financial recovery.

I have significant experience litigating and resolving libel and slander disputes in a number of contexts and industries, from professional and personal services to telecommunications. I bring that experience to the table through all stages of the dispute resolution process, from initial case evaluation through settlement efforts and ultimately trial.

If you would like to discuss a defamation issue with me, please call my office at 800-747-9354 to make an appointment.