My Practice Areas: Copyright Prosecution

Copyright protection is the lifeblood of the entertainment and publishing industries. A company’s copyright portfolio can be far more valuable than its fixed assets, and infringement can affect artists and publishers alike. Although the copyright application process is fairly straightforward on its face, there are strategic considerations with respect to whether and when to utilize a group registration, efficiency in registering subsequent versions or revisions as derivative works, as well as the timing of registrations that could impact the availability of statutory damages and recovery of attorney’s fees. A copyright owner should also pay careful attention to related transactions, such as work for hire agreements and copyright assignment agreements in establishing a strong copyright portfolio.

I have significant experience registering copyrights and managing copyright portfolios for photographers, musicians, software developers, web designers, and film studios. I bring that experience to the table through all stages of the process to ensure that my clients’ copyright rights are protected in the strongest way possible.

If you would like to discuss a copyright registration issue with me, please call my office at 800-747-9354 to make an appointment.