My Practice Areas: Copyright Litigation

Copyright protection is the lifeblood of the entertainment and publishing industries. A company’s copyright portfolio can be far more valuable than its fixed assets, and infringement can affect artists and publishers alike. I have litigated numerous copyright infringement matters, on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. I have represented major film studios as well as independent photographers in a cases involving online infringement, and we have also represented journalists and screenwriters whose works were alleged to have been unlawfully appropriated by Disney and ABC.

During the course of a copyright infringement case, I try to constantly re-evaluate the client’s risks and benefits, re-assessing settlement and litigation strategies on an ongoing basis as new facts are discovered. In many cases, and particularly in the context of online infringement, stopping the dissemination of a work is often as important or more important than financial remedies, and I often utilize takedown notices and Section 512 subpoenas to get infringing content off the internet before any lawsuit is even filed.

I have significant experience litigating and resolving copyright disputes in a number of contexts and industries, and on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. I bring that experience to the table through all stages of the dispute resolution process, from initial case evaluation through settlement efforts and ultimately trial.

If you would like to discuss a copyright infringement matter with me, please call my office at 800-747-9354 to make an appointment.