My Practice Areas: Community Association / HOA

Common-interest communities are the fastest growing form of housing in the United States today. Planned-unit developments of single-family homes governed by homeowners associations, and cooperative apartments governed by condominium associations presently house an estimated 62 million Americans. However, the rapid growth of these communities since the mid 1960s, and the average age of the now decades old structures in many of these communities creates problems for homeowners and associations alike.

I have represented individual homeowners against corrupt association governments that were pursuing discriminatory regulations, as well as large associations trying to recover unpaid assessments. I was responsible for a groundbreaking decision by the Virginia Supreme Court in 2012 that clarified an ambiguous provision of the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act in our clients’ favor, allowing for them to recover hundreds of thousands in legal fees.

Despite having the experience and know-how to take even the most complicated community association dispute through trial, I always try to keep in mind that such disputes are unique as they directly impact on clients’ homes and communities. Such disputes must therefore often be approached differently from other types of lawsuits, otherwise emotions and personal animus can make it more difficult to accomplish the client’s ultimate goal of resolving the dispute.

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