My Practice Areas: Government Contract Disputes & Bid Protests

Government contracts mean money. Disputes over teaming agreements and subcontracts can be extremely costly to a government contractor, and disputes related to suspension and debarment or bid protests challenging governmental decision-making can make or break a company. In order to maximize returns it is absolutely critical that government contractors work with attorneys that understand their short-term and long-term goals.

I have litigated government contract disputes between teaming partners as well as Tucker Act claims against the government. I have handled bid protests on behalf of small technology companies and large defense contractors. I have litigated many significant government contract cases before administrative agencies, state and federal trial courts, and courts of appeal–from the Government Accountability Office to the Court of Federal Claims and US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This knowledge and experience provide immeasurable value and numerous practical advantages to my clients. I seek to provide aggressive representation to large and small contractors to protect their rights in the competitive world of government contracting.

If you would like to discuss a government contracts dispute with me, please call my office at 800-747-9354 to make an appointment.